Our Identity

We are an interdisciplinary team of innovative and highly skilled individuals tackling challenges in the metal construction industry in close collaboration with our clients. At VRS, we’re excited about leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver the optimal blend of precision, timing, and cost-efficiency. Each of our core values guides our commitment to excellence:


To transform, refine, and transcend construction in Mexico through a new paradigm of design, planning, and construction of steel structures.

Institutional Values:

In our philosophy, we adopt the acronym ‘PIE’ to represent our core values:


We stand out for our enthusiasm and dedication, channeling a deep passion into everything we do.


We guide our actions through consistency, ethics, and morality, building strong relationships based on mutual trust.


We seek the right balance between efficiency and efficacy, ensuring optimal results in every task undertaken


By the year 2033, we aim to become Mexico’s preferred construction holding specializing in steel structures, leading innovation in the sector, operational effectiveness, and delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders.

Brand recognition characterized by ‘structural intelligence’ across all facets of the company.

Establishing a work style that learns, controls, and links all processes from pre-construction to construction of steel structures.

Our History

Innovation and Commitment in Steel Structure Construction

In 2013, VRS embarked on its journey with a clear vision: to offer a comprehensive and integrated solution in engineering and construction of steel structures. From our humble beginnings, we have focused on overcoming significant challenges, such as constant experimentation to optimize our operations, establishing strategic processes, and growing in a limited capital environment.

Our early years were marked by key milestones that defined our trajectory. The trust placed in us by our clients led us to participate in challenging projects that propelled our growth and development. Similarly, investors’ faith in our project was crucial, providing us with the necessary capital to expand our operations.

At VRS, we take pride in our corporate culture. We are a company that values humanity and recognizes the importance of personal and professional development for the new generations. We firmly embrace technology as a tool for efficiency in management, and our culture of teamwork has allowed us to consolidate a multidisciplinary and competent team.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and the implementation of cutting-edge methodologies to build more efficiently and effectively. This culture of innovation drives us to constantly seek ways to do our work better.

Our ultimate goal is clear: to be an efficient company, with an unwavering focus on quality and precision in execution. We strive for continuous improvement, not only in our processes and projects but also in the development of our team. At VRS, we firmly believe that the growth of our company is intrinsically linked to the development of each individual who is part of our team.

Our history is based on passion, commitment, and constant evolution. With each project, each innovation, and each challenge overcome, we come closer to our goal of being leaders in the steel structure construction industry in Mexico.











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