Steel Shop Drawings

Detailed plans used in the construction and manufacturing of steel structures. These drawings are crucial in translating the structural design into practical, buildable components. The advantages of using Steel Shop Drawings, especially when backed by construction experience, advanced technology like Tekla Structures, and material knowledge, are substantial.

How we do it

Informed Decision-Making from Construction Experience:

Extensive experience in the construction of steel structures equips the team with the insight to make better decisions. This experience translates into more accurate and effective shop drawings, ensuring that every aspect of the design is practical, efficient, and ready for implementation. The expertise gained from past projects helps in anticipating and solving potential problems even before they arise on the construction site.

Utilization of Advanced Technology - Tekla Structures:

Tekla Structures is a cutting-edge software tool used in the creation of highly detailed and accurate steel shop drawings. This software provides numerous advantages, including 3D modeling capabilities, which offer a comprehensive view of the structures, facilitating better understanding and visualization. Tekla Structures also enhances collaboration between different teams, as the models and drawings can be easily shared and updated in real-time.

Knowledge of Materials for Alternative Solutions:

A profound understanding of steel and other construction materials enables the creation of alternative solutions that can adapt to or substitute for profiles, depending on the availability of sizes or thicknesses in the market. This flexibility is crucial in maintaining project timelines and budgets, especially when certain materials are scarce or unavailable. It ensures that the project can progress without compromising on quality or structural integrity.

They not only ensure accuracy and efficiency in the fabrication of steel components but also offer flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific needs and challenges of each project.

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