Design and construction of steel buildings. We offer comprehensive and specialized solutions ranging from structural design to installation. Our in-house experience and capacity ensure efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness tailored to your needs. At VRS, we transform your ideas into successful steel projects.

What can you expect from us?

Efficiency in time

At VRS, we implement changes, modifications, and adaptations at record speed thanks to having all the involved disciplines within our organization.

Efficiency in management resources

You don’t have to worry about coordinating the four major disciplines (basic engineering, workshop drawings, fabrication, and assembly). We have all these services in-house, ensuring a hassle-free management of your project.

Cost efficiency

Our process is designed to deliver a superior product in less time and with impeccable coordination, all within your budget. Your benefit is our commitment.


We provide you with a product that perfectly fits your time and cost needs, backed by our solid structural engineering.

How do we do it?

Execution in 2 steps


We start by receiving your specific investment needs and requirements. Our VRS Intelligence team develops the project from pre-construction, implementing initiatives that optimize your investment. We take technical responsibility for each stage and make necessary modifications.


Then, we move the project into production, ensuring timely delivery of the structure that best meets your needs.

Alternatives for projects

If you already have a project that includes structural design.

Our intelligence team conducts an analysis to identify efficiencies that will benefit your project.

If you don't have a structural design

We become your best option by offering complete integration of design, manufacturing, and construction under one roof. This provides you with cost advantages, intelligent design, and highly skilled labor.

Our Steel Construction Services

Steel design

Specialized process of designing structures and components using steel as the primary material. The benefits of having extensive experience and knowledge in steel design are numerous and significant.

Steel Shop Drawings

Detailed plans used in the construction and manufacturing of steel structures. These drawings are crucial in translating the structural design into practical, buildable components. The advantages of using Steel Shop Drawings, especially when backed by construction experience, advanced technology like Tekla Structures, and material knowledge, are substantial.

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